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About Us

Naturopathy is an age-old science that has current empirical evidence. Here at Classical Naturopathy and Herbals, we strive to gently assist your body to return to a more balanced state where your body has the ability to repair and regenerate. We utilise the best evidence currently available to assist your needs. Naturopathy looks toward the root cause of ill health, we do not mask and only treat symptoms, this gentle approach has many benefits to the body. As an example, if you were to treat a skin rash by putting a medicated cream to the skins' surface without delving into what caused the rash initially, you may well be inflaming the skin and actually make the condition worse.  Your body will attempt to heal, by its innate healing mechanisms. But, if you do not treat the root cause of the rash it may spread to other parts of the body or manifest within the body.  Often, causes of skin rashes are instigated by the digestive system.  So you can see how easy it is for ill-health to compound in other areas. Naturopaths in Australia use current evidence in their practice 



We offer Naturopathic/Herbal Consultations and Massages such as:

  •  Remedial Massage.

  •  Therapeutic massage.

  •  Lymphatic drainage massage.

  •  Myofascial release.

  •  Sports and Trigger Point.

  •  Aromatherapy massage.

  •  Pregnancy Massage.


Your health can always be improved upon, this practice only uses approved devices that show high-quality evidence. 

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