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Initial Consultation.

Option 1/ One hour duration, includes comprehensive

patient questionnaire to be filled out online prior to first visit. Consultation with a Pathology blood test


Option 2/ 1.5 hour duration, includes consultation with patient questionnaire filled out online prior to initial consultation. Testing inclusive of Pathology blood test, Bioimpedence analysis, Iris-scope computerized analysis, PH and zinc tally test.


Follow up Consultation. 30 minutes.

Report of findings and treatment plan instigated.


NAIRNE prices for Remedial massage.

1 hr              $85.00

Half Hr.      $55.00

1.5 Hr.         $140.00

HICAPS available for payment.


                                                                                   FUNCTIONAL PATHOLOGY TESTING.  POA.

Live Blood Analysis.

Hair Mineral Analysis.

Genetic Testing.

Zinc Tally testing.

Other Functional Pathology testing.




Supplements and Herbal Medicine

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