Initial Consultation.

Option 1/ One hour duration, includes comprehensive

patient questionnaire to be filled out online prior to first visit. Consultation with a Pathology blood test


Option 2/ 1.5 hour duration, includes consultation with patient questionnaire filled out online prior to initial consultation. Testing inclusive of Pathology blood test, Bioimpedence analysis, Iris-scope computerized analysis, PH and zinc tally test.


Follow up Consultation. 30 minutes.

Report of findings and treatment plan instigated.

Massage. 1 hour/Remedial/Trigger-point Therapy. Therapeutic. 

Half Hour.

45 Minutes.

1.5 hr.







                                                                                   FUNCTIONAL PATHOLOGY TESTING.  POA.

Live Blood Analysis.

Hair Mineral Analysis.

Genetic Testing.

Zinc Tally testing.

Other Functional Pathology testing.




Supplements and Herbal Medicine