Live Blood Analysis

This is a blood test that takes just a drop of your blood, is highlighted on a screen so you can see your blood and how certain signs show the health of your body.  It is not a diagnostic tool, but a screening tool.  Small red blood cells highlight iron deficiency, while enlarged red blood cells highlight a possible B9 and B12 deficiency.  White blood cells help to keep your body healthy, while Eosinophils in large numbers can show undermethylation.  This is important for those who have the MTHFR gene mutation.  The test also shows liver function, fat metabolism and general health and ill-health signs.  This test is completed with all consultations.  This is an excellent test to see how your health is improving in real-time.  Ie. the blood is alive so you can see improvements.  You also take home a report of findings.



This is the gold standard in testing for fat to lean muscle ratio.  Your cellular fluid balance is a marker for health.  Measurements taken from the ankle and wrist give a fairly accurate reading of these parameters. Your biological age corresponds with algorithms calculated by the software.

Parameters measured during a Bio-impedance test include the Resistance and Reactance which is a measurement of electrical resistance of the body cells, which is proportional to the percentage of body fat and inversely proportional to total body water. The lower the resistance, the better your health.

Phase angle is one of the best indicators for cellular health and function available today. The phase angle represents the relationship between fat, muscle, fluid balance and cellular membrane health.

Weight is measured on the basis of height, gender and frame size.

Active Tissue Mass includes skeletal muscle, viscera (nervous tissue), heart, kidney, liver, lung, and smooth muscle.

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive test that has gold standard evidence to back it up. A once a year maintenance test to keep you on track, or get you back on track.


 Iris scope analysis


Iris analysis is a traditional analysis developed many years ago. It has been observed that health changes, including your body's constitution, can be seen in the iris. Iris analysis has good anecdotal evidence and is still practised today. Dark iris's have always been difficult to observe, but with the iris microscope, this is not a problem, as your iris is magnified 80x.  Picture quality is excellent.


The iris the most complex external structure of the human body. It has a reflex connection with every organ of the body connected by the "nervous system"


Subtle changes in the eye can be seen over time, particularly health changes - both good and poor. With the software utilized in the above software (very similar) we can see how vital your body is, and often ties in with other testing to give an all-round picture of your health status.


Iris analysis can be a stand-alone assessment, but it works very well in conjunction with other biological testing and often, future concerns can be avoided by this painless procedure.

Please note this is not a diagnostic test, but an excellent tool to validate what is known and often, insights into what may occur in the future with health.

 Hair mineral analysis


Toxins, vitamins and minerals can be located within the hair shaft where often you will not find these toxic elements in the blood stream, so Hair testing is an excellent tool for analysis.You are better to get treated for heavy metal toxicity before it shows up in the body as a disease state. You still need to chelate the toxins from the body.  We use safe chelating materials that do not leave toxins behind or strip necessary fat soluble vitamins from the body.Once again, it will be necessary to have a follow up test after therapy to ensure your health plan has been successful. The video is a tad long-winded, but gives a good description of what to expect from this evidenced base tool.