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Weight loss is very difficult to achieve, doing it by yourself. The media and direct selling do not help. Appropriately trained professionals are the only people who should be giving advice. Sadly, anyone can say anything and have no repercussions. Weight loss has a lot to do with hormones, particularly the thyroid and the necessary vitamins needed for correct functioning, of this gland.  With a low thyroid, you will severely struggle to lose any weight.  Inflammation is another factor that needs to be addressed.  No wonder so many people simply give up. There is an answer, and it lies in obtaining correct advice. Monitoring your progress with Bio-impedance to check how much fat to lean muscle you have on a regular basis to support you through the process. If you want more energy and on.


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The Ketogenic Diet is not new, in fact, has been in existence since the 1920s when it was found to be beneficial for children with intractable Epilepsy that was not responsive to medications.
A low-carbohydrate diet coupled with correct supplementation along with a low-fat, and moderate protein intake was more beneficial for long-term weight loss.  Cholesterol levels decrease to normal levels as well.  The white matter of the brain positively benefits from fatty acid intake, which incidentally is vital with this diet.  With carbohydrate restriction, the body produces enough glucose by a process called Gluconeogenesis.  Hence, by consuming excess carbohydrates, this process does not occur and weight loss will be impeded.  The process of KETOSIS is a metabolic process where the body produces ketones and fat loss is stimulated.  It is important not to lose muscle mass.  This is checked by Bio-Impedance analysis which is part of the treatment plan.
You will be eating a nutritious diet when doing the Ketogenic diet correctly.  Foods include Fatty fish, Chicken, Steak, Eggs, Legumes, Vegetables including Salads.  The diet does not include Bread, Pasta, Sugar, Rice, Excess Dairy.  Generally, a palm-sized portion of high-quality protein to 3 handfuls of salad/vegetables constitute an adequate meal.
It is vital to take correct supplementation involving Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and magnesium supplementation and a good quality multivitamin as directed by a health-professional.
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As with any Naturopathic consultation, you will have your history taken, illnesses, genetics looked at. Your nutritional state will be addressed with diagnostic in-clinic testing, as well as necessary functional pathology testing. Particularly where your thyroid is concerned. An underactive thyroid will impede any attempt to lose weight.  Live Blood Analysis testing and Bio-impedance testing will be carried out. A thorough explanation of what to expect, and ability to contact me if you have any concerns during your progress.  What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose (but fat) and so much Health to regain.

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